Document Workflow

EDMS offers organizations the document workflow features to create, store, share, delete, edit, categorize and manage documents for a specific business purpose such as sales, purchase, service, project and human capital management. In other words, EDMS document workflow serves as a map that a team (across departments or companies) can follow from authoring to approval and utilization of documents for their business purpose. EDMS document workflow features include:


By bringing your multi-party team to work under the same workspace, you’re able to improve collaboration and get more control over your documents.

Advanced search

Searching through hundreds of documents manually is inefficient. For example, imagine that you need to find a document you created 5 years ago. Without a powerful internal search engine, the task would be hard, if not impossible.

By categorizing your information based on specific criteria and adding search functionality to your system, you can optimize your document workflow.

EDMS Advanced Search feature enables you to quickly find the one you need from hundreds of documents.

Document creation and management

To improve your document management workflows, you need a way to create, edit and brainstorm new documents in the same place.

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