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The era of paper management is firmly in the past and the world is undergoing widespread digitization. However, that should not affect how your teams handle the documents. EDMS can help your teams simplify operations and let them store, organize and archive data digitally. EDMS was designed to take any document, digital, scan, image, pdf, et al., and store it in a way that is both secure and accessible. It helps your teams achieve their documentation goals under robust security and great ease-of-use, without adding complexity to their workflows:

Easy access: EDMS is a web-based solution accessible from any web-enabled device. The entire infrastructure resides on a secure, e-Banking level encrypted cloud. You do not have to worry about your device running out of storage or being low on system resources. If you are at home, at work or on the go, as long as you have access to the web, you will have access to EDMS. If you expect to be offline, EDMS enables you to generate an offline copy of some or all of your files to work on.

Easy sharing: You simply decide who gets what access, and EDMS would handle everything else. EDMS saves you from the effort of managing teams and access rights separately by implementing user groups and links. You choose who gets how much access to what. You can share some files, or entire folders with teams and individuals as previewers, viewers, or editors. To keep track of how your documents are handled, EDMS keeps a non-erasable audit trail that would give you a complete overview of every action taken by anyone on your system.

Easy searching: It is not enough that your digital documents are easy to store, they should also be easy to locate. Not only can EDMS’ index search, keyword search and full-text search make it easy to find what you’re looking for, but it also allows you to define knowledge hierarchy and search the documents according to their knowledge classifications.

Easy folder mgt.: EDMS makes it easy to implement and maintain approvals. With EDMS, you can pre-define approval flows and also invite people to approve on the fly.

Easy alerts: EDMS enables you to set up reminders and alerts for your electronic documents and how your teams interact with them. If you want, EDMS can notify you when someone accesses or modifies your files in any way. You can decide how frequently you want to be updated, whether it be at runtime or specific intervals.

Meaningful structure: EDMS allows you to predefine different folder hierarchies and document types in different library templates to construct your company’s document library structure. The meaningful structure not only helps the indexing and searching but also management and control of the company’s documents.

Easy version mgt.: EDMS ensures peace of mind by maintaining document versions as the document evolves. Older versions are complete backups of files, retaining unified metadata throughout the versions. This keeps the search criteria consistent.

Robust security: EDMS is a highly secure, robust cloud-based solution. It was developed with the understanding that organizations will only entrust a web-based solution if it can keep their data secure and accessible. EDMS supports different password policies and one-time password. To ensure your data’s safety, EDMS encrypts all document contents and transfers data via secure SSL. It also supports daily backup and recovery.

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