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Recently, WisageTech Inc. successfully signed a contract with Sinocelltech Group Limited. Through this cooperation, both parties will jointly build an efficient and collaborative drug research and development management platform based on the PM project management system, accelerating the digital operation and upgrading of SinoCellTech.
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Recently, WisageTech Inc. successfully signed a contract with Sinocelltech Group Limited  (hereinafter referred to as "SinoCellTech"). Through this cooperation, both parties will jointly build an efficient and collaborative drug research and development management platform based on the PM project management system, accelerate the digital operation and upgrading of SinoCellTech, and provide strong support for enterprise cost reduction and efficiency increase.

SinoCellTech is an innovative biopharmaceutical research and development company founded by Dr. Xie Liangzhi, an internationally renowned expert in biopharmaceutical research and industrialization, as well as an expert in the overall group of major new drug creation projects. It focuses on the research and development and industrialization of biopharmaceutical products such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and vaccines.

Since the establishment of the groups subsidiary, SinoCellTech engineering Co., Ltd. in 2002, the company has been committed to establishing a biological drug research and development and production technology platform with leading technology and cost advantages through life science and engineering technology innovation, solving the technical breakpoints and bottlenecks in new drug research and development and production, and providing high-quality biological drugs that can be borne by the public in terms of economic costs for patients worldwide, To improve the accessibility of high-end biopharmaceuticals to patients in both China and developing countries. In June 2020, SinoCellTech was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Biopharmaceutical research and development typically involves high investment, high risk, long cycles, and complex processes. With the increasing number of drug research and development projects, China Cell needs a set of project management platform with complete product functions, clear project management ideas, and simple and easy interface operation to manage drug research and development projects and research and development teams in a unified manner to meet the needs of process management and business development.

WisageTech has been focusing on the development of enterprise management software for 17 years, independently researching and developing over 10 million lines of Java source code, 120 apps, and 80 different systems, covering multiple fields of enterprise project management. The products are highly flexible, scalable, and customizable, supporting local or cloud deployment, and providing services to over 500 enterprises. Among them, there are many collaborations with well-known large medical enterprises such as Taide Pharmaceutical, Australian American Pharmaceutical Factory, and Shenzhen Hospital of the University of Hong Kong.

Finally, SinoCellTech chose WisageTechs PM project management system as a collaborative product to create a platform that meets its enterprise characteristics and covers the entire lifecycle management of research and development projects, achieving online, automated, and intelligent business processes.

From the initiation of drug research projects, formulation of project plans, project execution monitoring, approval flow, work hour reporting, expense reimbursement, to project conclusion, all processes can be centrally managed by SinoCellTech in the PM system, effectively tracking and controlling project costs, allocating project resources reasonably, and monitoring project progress and quality in real-time through report data to timely identify risk issues. In addition, for a large number of project documents during the research and development process, such as research plans, experimental plans, registration materials, etc., can collect and organize them with one click, helping SinoCellTech establish a comprehensive project knowledge base.

In the face of multiple R&D project requirements, PM divides tasks in an orderly manner, clarifies work priorities and responsibilities, optimizes resource allocation, ensures that the R&D team can carry out implementation according to plan, improves overall collaboration efficiency, and fully assists SinoCellTech in launching high-quality R&D achievements.

At present, the development of innovative biological drugs in China is accelerating. How to ensure quality and optimize efficiency through information technology upgrading has become the key to achieving significant development in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. WisageTech provides integrated project management digital services for various enterprises in the medical field, helping customers maintain their advantages in market competition, grow together with customers, and continuously empower the medical industry.
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