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8Manage Mobile PM
Easy access to progress updates

8Manage Mobile PM allows users to view projects and schedules, track the progress and quality of deliverables, resource timesheets and other project-based matters at any time and at any place. This mobile app enables busy managers to make approval decisions on phones, which enhances their work efficiency and helps them identify problems timely.

Similar to 8Manage Mobile SRM, 8Manage Mobile PM supports iOS and Android operating systems, menu customization and permission settings for information security. Its data is synchronized to the system database in real time, and its page display modes include flat mode and module list mode.

Requires Attention

The system will automatically push relevant messages that require action to the Requires Action page, where users can click specific names and make quick responses. Besides to-do list, users can also check overdue items, my pending requests and processed items.

Project Management

8Manage Mobile PM permits authorized users to look up projects’ basic information, costs, deliverables, milestones, risks, Gantt charts, project overview, etc. Those with modifying permission are allowed to quickly define deliverables and milestones on phones.

Activity Management

By entering the activity name, project, responsible person or other key words, users can rapidly find the activity they need and are able to track its progress in real time. They can adjust project phase, activity type and other basic activity information, and follow up deliverables via mobile phones.

Deliverable Management

The mobile app users with permissions to view and modify are capable of checking existing project deliverables, adding new deliverables and updating the ones they are responsible for anywhere anytime.

Timesheet Management

Users are allowed to record their time spent in projects and non-project activities with their phones. After those timesheets are approved, the system will automatically calculate the resource costs and include them into related projects. Relevant records will be updated to the system database.

Document Management

8Manage Mobile PM users can easily access project-related documents. In addition to creating new document libraries, users can also view the document libraries they have permission to browse, download and submit documents.

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