Fast & Comprehensive Customer Service

8Manage ITSM helps you organize service resources and prioritize service requests and provides you the automated workflows to manage the recording, diagnosing, tracking and resolving customer issues of:

    Simple products (e.g., household appliances, consumer electronics)
    Complex products (e.g., software products, equipment).

8Manage ITSM can be used for both IT and non-IT customer businesses.

Customer Issues of Simple Products

8Manage ITSM providesFast Track for customer issues that have the following characteristics:

  • Service request = Incident = Reproducible problem
  • Single-party responsible and single-action to fix

Customer Issues of Complex Products

8Manage ITSM providesComprehensive Track for complex customer issues that have the following characteristics:

  • Service request = Incident or Enhancement
  • Incident = Symptom ≠ Isolated incident(s) ≠Reproducible problem(s)
  • Multiparty responsible and multi-action to fix (Need temporary fixes or multiple fixes)

In 8Manage ITSM , a customer request starts in the Fast Track and if the service team determines one of the following, the customer request will be automatically changed to the Comprehensive Track:

  • Request is an enhancement request
  • Incident needs configuration item information and/or additional diagnostics in order to determine the root cause
  • Diagnosis and/or resolution involves multiple parties
  • Customer will need a temporary fix or work around
  • The root cause or its fix will affect other products or customers

Many customer support issues, especially those related to hardware and software systems, look simple only because the people who read them do not understand the complexities of incident management, configuration management, problem management and change management, or only understand part of them. They set up their own workflows and tools for solving customer issues but they are simply not professional enough to systematically rectify the problems thoroughly. The lack of a systematic approach for dealing with configuration items and changes will affect their ability in problem isolation and reproduction during the diagnosis process. Even if they finally solve the customer’s issue, because of the lack of systematic approaches and thoroughness, the problem has a high chance to recur in the next product release or update, or in related products and the customers will see that the problem comes and goes but is never really cured.

8Manage ITSM are based on years of practical service management experience which can greatly improve your service team’s capabilities and your customer satisfaction.

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