8Manage Mobile SRM
A good helper for purchasing staff and mgmt.

8Manage Mobile SRM provides comprehensive and user-friendly purchasing and supplier management features. Using the mobile app, users can record basic information of suppliers, submit and approve procurement-related items such as purchase requests and purchase orders at any time and any place, thereby improving the procurement efficiency and reducing the cost of purchasing management.

8Manage Mobile SRM supports iOS and Android operating systems, and allows you to set viewing and modifying permission for each user to ensure information security. Its data is synchronized to that of 8Manage from PC in real time, so there is no need to worry about synchronization issues. You can also change the page display mode, which includes flat mode and module list mode.

Requires Attention

The system will automatically push the latest purchasing messages and to-do lists to the user’s workbench. Message numbers and item names displayed on the Requires Action page help users get a general idea of new messages. Click the name, and you can see its detailed content.

Purchase Approval

8Manage Mobile SRM offers a scientific and rigorous purchasing approval mechanism. Users can set different approval rules and processes for different procurement needs. Each approval process can have different approval stages and approvers, and each approval stage can have different approval steps.

Supplier Management

8Manage Mobile SRM allows you to enter and check the essential information of suppliers, their contacts and supplier interactions on the phone without the restriction of time and place. Using its search and advanced search function, you can quickly find the supplier, contact or interaction that you want.

Purchase Management

8Manage Mobile SRM also permits you to rapidly create purchase demands, purchase requests and purchase orders on the phone. Once the request is submitted, the approver can see its details and decide to approve or reject it on the Require Action page. The requester can directly see the approval status on the list.

Combined with SUS

8Manage Mobile SRM should be used in conjunction with 8Manage Mobile SUS, which allows suppliers to respond to standing offers, quote requests, auctions, unconfirmed and confirmed purchase orders anytime and anywhere.

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