Track different types of hours

Timesheet can be used independently or in conjunction with project management tools. It can be employed to track the following types of work or vacation:

  • Marketing activities
  • Sales work
  • Purchasing work
  • Project or PMO activities
  • Help desk and ticket work
  • Change request
  • Temporary task
  • Operation work
  • Other categories
  • Strategic planning

Aggregate time and costs across different projects/products/customers/suppliers in real time

Timesheet can help you track the working hour information of activities, and then track related projects/products/customers/suppliers. It summarizes the working hours by project/customer/product/supplier/activity in real time. This not only gives you an idea of how your employees spend their time at work, but also tells you how much time and cost your business spends on each project/product/customer/supplier.

Help companies use resources effectively and form a competitive advantage

The ability of the management team to respond to new opportunities is the key to a business's competitive advantage. Projects keep popping up, and the management team needs to understand specific availability and whether there are resources to take on new tasks. If not, the management team needs to know where employees are spending their time. With Timesheet, you can make the right business decisions by always having the comprehensive knowledge and insight you need.


Resource allocation--no guesswork

A wise choice gives employees new confidence in management's leadership. Employee confidence is the key to your success. The new employee workload view is your window into the projects and tasks each employee plans to work on and when. 。

Workload dashboard

When you plan new projects, you are able to answer key business questions that improve insight into your organization’s ability to understand what projects are going on, helping reduce employee burnout by understanding who is over-allocating.

Budget hourly schedule

Gain insight into each employee’s capabilities and availability. View all projects assigned to employees, and times booked as vacations. Overallocated hours are shown in red.

Capacity planning - your competitive advantage improves visibility into project health and reacts faster to new opportunities.

Whether I have enough resources to take on this project is a question you never have to ask yourself again. With workload dashboards and employee availability metrics, you can have the resource data and visibility you need to successfully execute projects.

Project resource planning and scheduling
Stop wasting time sifting through spreadsheets. Stay on top of a company-wide schedule that key decision-makers can easily access. Instantly consider employees and their timesheets and drill down to see the budgeted hours of the projects they are working on.

Real-time employee availability
When assigning new tasks, you can view each employee’s available hours for the task date range to see if they have time available to the project.

Set clear objectives, track productivity and improve profitability
Streamline management. Boost productivity. Grow confidently.
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