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Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited has partnered with to launch the schedule function of the PM project management system. This system will have a clear understanding of the working time usage of all employees in different regions and departments of the company, improving the efficiency of employee time management.
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In 2010, Tradelink Elecronic Commerce Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Tradelink” ) signed a contract with to launch the PM project management systems timesheet function. With this real-time software, Tradelink will understand the working time usage of all employees in different regions and departments of the enterprise, refine the efficiency of employee time management, and achieve significant results in accounting for human resource costs and optimizing resource allocation.

Tradelink has established in 1988 by 11 well-known institutions, including two banks, two container terminal companies, one air freight station, and multiple major chambers of commerce. The aim is to promote the widespread use of e-commerce in the Hong Kong business community and facilitate trade in Hong Kong. After its core business has been firmly rooted, it has expanded its new business scope. Relying on its leading position in the industry and professional domain knowledge and experience, Tradelink has made great achievements, especially the electronic security program project. On October 28, 2001, Tradelink was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange!

In order to better achieve the efficiency of employee work hours in enterprise information management, Tradelink has decided to launch an enterprise project management system. After multiple comparisons and selections, was selected and the PM project management systems work hour table management function was launched. This enabled the management to have a clear understanding and management of the current situation of employee work time usage in various departments, better control project costs, and optimize project resource allocation, Significant achievements have been made in managing employee work hours, improving overall work efficiency.

Track employee work time usage and improve employee productivity. The B/S architecture of the project management system supports multiple different browsers and apps, making it convenient for trade management personnel to use it. Whether in the office, on the road, at home, or in different regions and departments, they can directly log in to the system through the network and quickly record detailed work hours information at any time. After the launch of the working hour meter function in the project management system of Trade Connect, the management can clearly and accurately track the working hours of employees in different locations and departments, obtain information about the work situation of each employee, and improve their sense of responsibility and work efficiency.

Timely accounting of human resource costs enhances project cost control. The project management system has powerful reporting and statistical functions. After employees fill out the work schedule, the system will accurately calculate the actual cost of human resources for each project. Then, based on the project budget, the system will calculate whether it exceeds the budget, facilitating the management to detect the risk of project overruns as soon as possible and make timely adjustments to ensure that the project progresses in a normal plan. The project management system enables Trade Connect management personnel to have a clear understanding of the use of project human resources at a glance, improving management efficiency.

Continuously optimizing resource allocation and improving resource utilization rate. Through the project management system, the management personnel of Trade Connect implement the monitoring of resource usage and allocation, and continuously optimize resources. After the launch of the project management systems time table function, the allocation of resources in Trade Connect has become more reasonable, while improving resource utilization.

The issue of employee time utilization has always been a concern for many enterprises. Improving employee time utilization is to reduce human resource costs and overall improve enterprise efficiency. Nowadays, the project management system uses advanced WBS/OSB/FBS architecture to update all data in real-time, improving information accuracy and transmission efficiency, increasing transparency of project performance and the sense of responsibility of project personnel. To solve the problem of how employees use their working time for major enterprises and improve their work efficiency.
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