Enterprise Portal

OA provides enterprise portal features to support the integration of processes, people, and information across the enterprise. It gives a unified and secure gateway for information and a knowledge base for employees, clients, partners and suppliers. OA enterprise portal provides the following key features:

  • Integration – provides an integrated navigation gateway for multiple systems and components within an organization.
  • Customization – provides an environment for users to customize.
  • Access control and security - the ability to give the limitation needed for specific contents and services as needed.
  • Single sign-on – capabilities for single sign-on can be given to users and other systems.
  • Categorization and collaboration – can categorize all information and provide users the ability to collaborate regardless of physical location.
  • Personalization – based on the role and job function, personalization is possible. The matching content for users is provided, and matching services are used.

OA enterprise portal provides the following benefits:

Universal Access to Enterprise Resources

Enterprise portals provide universal access to enterprise information and business knowledge resources to all parties. No matter where you are or who you are, you have unlimited access if you want to access information on a particular organization.

Increased Employee Productivity

OA portal makes available new information to users that were not available before and provides that information in an integrated and personalized way. Integration and personalization focus on the user’s job role, leading to improved job performance and eventually to a more knowledgeable and effective organization.

Decreased Cost of Information

The decreased cost of information is a consequence of web-based publishing and the automated character of portals. For companies that still distribute information on paper, portals promise big savings. For companies already involved in web publishing, portals offer the possibility of saving on web administration personnel costs.

Increased Collaboration

One of the most important benefits of OA enterprise portal is the increased collaboration within the enterprise. Increased collaboration translates to more sustained common efforts to accomplish corporate goals and the greater social integration of corporate environments, especially across departmental and geographic barriers.

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