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Application Flexibility

We capitalized on ERPⅠ and EAI experience and come up with the new architecture that has much higher data connectivity and information efficiency to support integrated management. The One Design One System approach is to design business functionality to work together from day one. But it does not preclude the use of EAI in all cases; or the resulting solution must be one system. It emphasizes the importance of minimizing the number of systems that are Not designed to work together for cost-saving and implementation efficiency reasons.

The new architecture also connects the enterprise with its buy-side in real-time, enabling critical interactions among various people in the enterprise and on the buy-side. It utilizes the cloud to provide a single view of transactions and data to all parties involved in the multi-party workflow. Similarly, the new architecture can also connect the enterprise with its contractors and suppliers in real-time to allow instant notifications and adjustments in plans and actions when the changes occur. The new architecture dramatically reduces risk, delivers efficiencies and enables rigorous compliance that keeps pace in a fast-changing business environment.

Start with Any Competitive Product

8Manage CRM, SPM, PPM, Finance , HCM, OA, BI, O2O, FAS and ERP2 can be purchased separately.

8Manage competes well in individual modules with any products on the market. 80% of our customers started getting to know us because they wanted the best of breed on the market. 20% of our customers sough integrated solution and found us. No matter you are coming from the CRM, SPM, PPM, Finance, HCM, OA, BI, O2O, FAS , ERP or integrated solution point of view, We will satisfy your needs with our new generation enterprise application software architecture and our rich functionality.

Grow Incrementally, Seamlessly and Economically

With the advent of modern technology and design, system expansion such as the examples below will require neither additional hardware and system software, nor doing integration, data migration and installation. All our client needs from us is a license key; and with one click all the new functions will be accessible.

Minimal Learning Curve For Adding Modules

All the modules use the same enterprise, system and menu structures, vocabulary and administration procedures. When the system is extended, the user sees some new functions in the environment that they are familiar with. This is analogous to one going home to see some new faces but are in the house that he or she is familiar with.

Go Directly To Complete Solution And Save Money

Our clients can also go Knowledge Work FAS or eERP2 directly as their compensative and highly integrated solution.