8Manage Virtual PMO provides an effective way to manage a project that is too large to be managed as one project or a set of related projects for which separate teams are responsible.
  • How to calculate actual labor cost of a project?
    Project labor cost is an important part of project total cost. For non-material based production projects , project labor cost is often larger than all other types of project cost added together.
  • How to Control Project Progress and Cost ?
    Tracking and managing project progress and cost are crucial to project success. If you don’t do it, you won’t know where you’re at or when you’re going to arrive at your destination.
  • When to use Agile and Traditional Methodology for Projects
    A project team, whether it uses Agile or Waterfall, will fail if it doesn’t watch out for the above problems and find ways to resolve them.
  • Waterfall, Kanban and Scrum Project Mgt Methodologies
    When you need to run a project, you should select the project management methodology that is suitable for your project situation.
  • WBS in Agile Projects
    There is a misconception out there that if you use an Agile Kanban method to manage your projects, you can’t use Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and vice versa.
  • CRM and Project Management Are Perfect Couple
    Project management is greatly assisted by CRM software in many ways. 8Manage CRM and 8Manage PM can work together and can help you to achieve many benefits.
  • Using Timesheet to Improve Staff Motivation
    Time tracking is very basic from management standpoint and every organization should at least distinguish its staff are hard work, moderate work and no work.
  • How to Achieve Teamwork in Projects?
    Project teams do the work of projects. The purpose of this article is to help you understand project team dynamics so that you can make the most use of your team building skills to benefit your projects.
  • Why is Requirements Management Functionality Important?
    Requirements exist within all projects. Requirements Management functionality is very important in Project Management Tool.
  • 2 Biggest Traps in Project Management
    Project management can be simple if you know how to avoid the following 2 biggest traps in this article that many project teams fall into.
  • Bad Data Hijacking
    Fragmented SaaS causes not only that business processes can't flow through different departments without the high-cost of enterprise application integration (EAI), but it also causes bad data to exist.
  • Criteria to Be Used in Choosing the Needed Project Management Tool
    When choosing project management tool, project managers must give weight to the right criteria. 8Manage PPM can provide the right team with the right information and project data integrity protection.
  • The needed technology for managing nontrivial projects
    8Manage PPM uses the real-time transactional project management technology which can keep project information up-to-date and accurate and in turn can keep people honest.
  • Can you manage your project with a whiteboard automation tool?
    There will be many serious problems if project dynamic information is maintained using a whiteboard or a whiteboard automation tool. You can use 8Manage project management tool to solve that.
  • Why SMBs should move to Application Suite as a Service
    8Manage Full Automation-Application Suite as a Service (ASaaS),helps SMEs avoid the high cost of SaaS fragmentation.
  • 8Manage: How to operate your business remotely?
    8Manage full automation helps enterprises realize electronic document management, customer relationship management, project management and e-procurement management.
  • Why SaaS is growing so fast-8Manage
    SaaS is not only low-cost, but it can create value for users faster and provide companies with the flexibility they need to bring change when they need it.
  • Coronavirus: Working From Home with 8Manage SaaS
    8Manage full automation makes it easy to work from home,it can keep you connected, in communication and collaborating successfully.
  • Remote project management tool during coronavirus pandemic
    For remote project management, you can use 8Manage ppm, which can help you manage project planning and execution, deliverables, resources, etc., and ensure the authenticity of project data.
  • How to protect your business during the coronavirus outbreak
    8Manage Full Automation allows the SMB to move all its business and operations on cloud rather quickly. And it's the most economical way to protect your business during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Huge gain with e-Procurement that supports adequate strategies
    8Manage e-Procurement system supports many strategies to cover different procurement needs, allows end-to-end supplier-management and procure-to-pay to be automated.
  • 8Manage: Why SMB should use SaaS Tools?
    8Manage SaaS Full Automation Suite provides many benefits to SMB.Such SaaS tool can significantly improve the operational efficiency and sales productivity of enterprises.
  • What types of project management tools are good for what situations
    8Manage PPM has KANBAN information recording feature, but its unique features are project integrity management and accountability tracking.
  • 8Manage SaaS: Coronavirus Boosts Enterprise Automation
    Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMB) can be full digitization and automation through 8Manage full automation system to avoid coronavirus.
  • Approach to Effective Project Management-8Manage PPM
    When you are managing complex projects, using the 8Manage project management system which will help you manage time, cost, quality, change, communications, risks and issues.
  • 8Manage SPM:Why Procurement SaaS
    8Manage SPM has the following additional benefits over the traditional software solutions: lower solution cost,simplistic implementation,seamless scalability.
  • 8Manage:What are the benefits of e-procurement system?
    With 8Manage e-procurement system, the benefits of moving your procurement processes online is no longer just for efficiency and cost-saving, but also for control and anti-corruption reasons.
  • 6 Essential Steps to Successful Project Management-8Manage
    A suitable project tool is of the most 3 important things for succesful project management, your project team may proceed 6 essential steps after you acquire the project software.
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