Project Business Automation

8Manage Project ERP is a business process management software designed for the project-driven business that integrates all core project business processes into one, end-to-end system. 8Manage Project ERP provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core project business processes normally managed in disparate applications. 8Manage Project ERP core processes can be divided into 6 main functional areas:

  • Project Financials and Accounting
  • Project Management and Operations
  • Project & Portfolio Insight and Analytics
  • Sales & Demand Chain Automation
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Automation
  • Human Capital Management

The key point about 8Manage Project ERP is that all these areas are integrated into one system, providing real-time data streams that facilitate the acceleration and automation of processes that are not possible when managed in separate applications.

Organization and Project Accounting: This area of 8Manage Project ERP covers the financial management of organizations, projects and portfolios of projects. It includes costing, cost breakdown structures, budget management, estimate-at-completion, budget-at-completion, cost-to-complete, month-end reporting, cash flow management, revenue projections and revenue recognition. 

Project & Portfolio Management: This area of 8Manage Project ERP covers the operational component of projects and portfolios. It includes work breakdown structures, project and program scheduling, risk and issue management, milestone management, resource management and subcontract management. 

Project & Portfolio Insight and Analytics: This area of 8Manage Project ERP covers the real-time analysis of projects, portfolios and the business as a whole. Since all functional areas are integrated, 8Manage Project ERP produces time-phased operational and financial threshold data, giving project-driven organizations the ability to run their projects with real-time visibility and control over processes, costs and risks. It includes real-time metrics such as cash flow, margins, estimate-at-completion, earned value analysis, and variances on several key performance indicators in operations and finance. 

Sales & Demand Chain Automation: This area of 8Manage Project ERP covers customer information and contact management, marketing campaign management, salesforce automation and the management of relationships between suppliers and customers to deliver the best value to the customer at the least cost.

Procurement & Supply Chain Automation: This area of 8Manage Project ERP covers supplier lifecycle management, e-Sourcing (Quick Quote, e-Tender and e-Auction), purchase request, purchase order, contract management, delivery planning, shipment, quality management, return, warehouse & inventory and settlement.

Human Capital Management: This area of 8Manage Project ERP covers e-Recruitment, employee records, attendance & utilization, compensation & payroll, benefits, training & performance, e-Leave and employee Self-services.

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