New Car R&D Project Mgt. Solution

EASCY Development Trend

The future of the car will be electrified, autonomous, shared, connected and yearly updated, referred to as EASCY.

  • Powered by electricity with less waste and noise entering the environment.
  • Autonomous driving with less personal time and space occupied.
  • Easier to access, and users do not need a driver’s license.
  • More affordable cost, no need to buy directly and you can use it with a small amount of money each time.

The automotive industry is facing unprecedented changes that will have a profound impact on the industry and users. That is why this article predicts a fundamental restructuring of the automotive industry in terms of time scale, volume and complexity. Based on key demographic trends, we examine how users’ mobile behavior may change and what the impact might be. Autofacts, PwCs automotive analytics team, believes the future of the auto industry will be simpler, at least in terms of what users care about.

New car design to testing

Global automakers spend more than $100 billion annually on research and development, putting the auto industry ahead of other technology-driven industries.

The automotive industry is driving innovation and global technological advancement, and today’s cars represent the most advanced technology available to most consumers. From the early stages of planning, automakers employ a range of different technologies to design new vehicles to meet customer needs for comfort, convenience and safety, and to improve vehicle performance and energy efficiency. In fact, modern cars are high-tech in almost every way, using state-of-the-art materials and processes that rely on highly skilled people.

It usually takes more than $1 billion and 3-5 years for a technology or a new car to go from design to test. The effectiveness of new vehicle R&D project management is very important.

Project Management Solution

8Manage PM helps automakers manage their new car projects:

Management processes lead to better business performance

8Manage PM helps automakers deliver better quality products, gain greater market share, and increase productivity and productivity, as well as stay vigilant in a complex and ever-changing industry. 8Manage PM focuses on sharing data and managing time and tasks. It provides a detailed overview of the project life cycle and integrates resources across departments and agencies, which results in better performance at lower cost and faster.

8Manage PM brings a number of key benefits to the automotive industry, providing much-needed visibility and control throughout the project and program management process, facilitating more efficient use of resources and improving project selection.

Coordinate all departments and agencies involved in product delivery

With 8Manage PM, all departments and agencies involved in the design and testing of new vehicles can work and collaborate efficiently and synchronously. All team members can accurately and consistently record time –communicate deliverables—to review and assess project status based on real-time data. Portfolio managers can rely on real-time updates to make informed decisions about where to spend their budget and resources for maximum profit, or where to readjust resources or address strategies as needed.

Get accurate data on portfolio status

By systematically allocating time, spending and ideas, creative employees, researchers, manufacturers or outside agencies will benefit from a non-stop and productive workflow. 8Manage PM helps maintain the accuracy of budget data, time data and resource data needed and used, enabling you to make informed decisions about where to focus, allocate and adjust time, spending and talent.

Shorten start-to-delivery time

Pioneering automotive products usually need to go through a series of complex rules, procedures, calculations and numerous items from the start-up stage, design stage and creation stage to actual production stage. An advanced, comprehensive project portfolio management solution accelerates this process more simply and efficiently, making teamwork more productive. With project management, your business can focus on maximizing revenue by delivering better products, challenging expectations and controlling the market.

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